How can you diagnose Male Pattern Alopecia? Secret revealed by FUT – FUE Hair Transplant Surgeon in Surat.

It is very important to diagnose the cause of hair loss[ known as “Alopecia”] because there are so many causes of alopecia & the treatment for different causes are different. FUT or FUE Hair transplantation is not the solution to each & every alopecia patient. Every person with alopecia are examined with the Tricho-scope , which gives a magnified view of hairs & helps in diagnosing the cause of alopecia . Tricho-scope gives 10 to 1000 times magnified view depending upon the requirement. If the variation of thickness of hairs is seen in >20 % of the hairs, it is a diagnostic feature of Male / Female Pattern Alopecia [Androgenic Alopecia].

Photo of Trichoscopic view:


Picture 190Picture 007

Androgenetic Alopecia                                                            Normal hairs

Usually Male Pattern Alopecia/ Baldness follows one of the pattern shown in picture which is also a characteristic of it.

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There is another variety of AGA is also there which is known as DUPA- Diffuse Un-pattern Alopecia.

E:AHTACSPL Photos- MobileHT-Diffuse ThinningDUPA hairtransplantsurat-1.JPG E:AHTACSPL Photos- MobileHT-Diffuse ThinningDUPA hairtransplantsurat.JPG

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