Dr. Atodaria, the first doctor to introduce many advanced techniques of hair restoration surgery to south Gujarat. He is primarily an experienced cosmetic & plastic surgeon. He has been performing hair transplant surgeries for the past ten Years. Following the advent of newer techniques and advancements in the field of hair restoration surgery across the world, he developed passion towards hair restoration treatments & involved himself by learning the most sophisticated and latest techniques adopted across the world from the stalwarts of hair restoration surgery. He has invented an instrument called Multi slit knife which can make 3000 slits in 10 to 12 minutes time with desired density, direction & angle to give natural looking hair transplant.


He is an active member of “International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons “ (ISHRS). His invented instrument of Multi Slit Knife has been accepted by ISHRS & Published in  ISHRS forum/journal in July 2014.

He is very dedicated surgeon who is always striving to achieve the best in the field of surgery.


Few “FIRSTS” of Dr. Atodaria in  South Gujarat, INDIA:

* The First to use digital Microscopes for dissection in South Gujarat.

* The First to perform  ”Super mega sessions”& Giga Sessions in South Gujarat

* The First to perform “open method of dissection” that nullifies the wastage of follicles.

* The First Surgeon to practice “Non touch technique” of implantation which increases the survival rate of the follicles.

* The First to practice “Trichophytic closure technique “ to minimize the scar of the donor area.

* The First Hair Transplant surgeon to practice ” Four hook method ” of dissection.

* The First to use “Micro-blades ” (0.8-1.2 mm) for making micro-incisions in South Gujarat.He has invented Multi Slit Knife instrument to give more density with more precision (which is under “Patent”).


*He was selected by AAPI- USA (American Association Of Physicians of Indian Origin) for the an Observer ship in USA in 2003.


Our centre is well equipped with all the sophisticated equipment necessary to carry out all the latest techniques in Hair transplantation procedure.