Hair transplantation means, harvesting or taking out live hair roots from “Permanent Zone”(DONOR AREA)& implanting them in the bald area(RECIPIENT AREA). After growth, these hairs can be cut or trimmed on a permanent basis. These can be shampooed or dyed as per your wish. These hairs don’t require any maintenance medicines.

These transplanted hair roots behave in the same manner as the hair from the DONOR AREA from  where they are extracted ( known as “DONOR DOMINANCE”). So it is mandatory for surgeon to judge the   “Permanent Donor Zone”   in a particular patient. So the “EXPIRIENCE  & KNOWLEDGE of SURGEON” is very important.

Steps of the procedure:

    - Donor site selection:
    - Marking of Anterior(front) hair line & recipient site- calculating the number of grafts required
    - Local anaesthesia
    - Harvesting of grafts- strip with scar, fue, combine,bht etc. With photos.
    - Making  micro slits for implantation,
     - implantation,
    - Post operative care.



At our center Dr. Pradip Atodaria, who has the experience of 25 years in cosmetic & plastic surgery, himself plan your hair transplant procedure very meticulouslytaking into account many medically important aspects like your grade of baldness, donor site hair density, thickness, numbers available, your family history, profession & your wish for the areas to be covered.





2) Marking of Anterior (front) hair line & recipient site- calculating the number of grafts required:

After knowing your requirement/wish, you will be explained in details - each & every type of hair transplant. After that, considering all the medically important aspects, your anterior/ Front Hair Line & areas to be transplanted will be planned taking your consent.

We will explain you in detail which technique or combination of technique is best suited for you (with scientific explanation). We will also give you utmost guidance regarding preservation of your existing hairs. We will also take in to consideration your future hair loss & plan your procedure in a manner that future hair transplant becomes easily possible.

In short, we try to do the Best planning for your hair transplant so that you get the best results with minimum number of grafts & minimum pain/trauma. All these come only with experience.

Quality, Knowledge & Experience of   Hair Transplant Surgeon:  Your hair transplant surgeon should be able to visualize your baldness  progress after  5, 10, 15 & 20 years & should be able to plan accordingly.

Dr. Pradip Atodaria has been an “Invited National Faculty for Hair Transplant Conferences” since many years.


3) Local Anaesthesia:

Choosing a proper medicines( having minimum chances of side effects) & appropriate dosages for a particular patient is very important&it comes with experience. We, at our center, takes utmost care to make you very comfortable & make your experience a pleasant one. We keep all the required equipments in case of side effects of medicines. Dr. Atodaria has experience of tacking emergencies, in case of untoward incidence.


4) Harvesting of grafts-

Being a Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Atodaria is an expert in FUT- STRIP technique, comfortable at harvesting upto 6000 grafts by strip technique only & still able to give an inconspicuous donor site scar.

At our center we have  the team capable of using microscopes for better outcome.


Dr. Atodaria uses sharp, serrated punches for FUE & his command over FUE technique is excellent . His command over the technique is obvious from the below photographs.



We will try to give Best Value to your money.

Body Hair Transplant (B.H.T.):  We do body hair transplant on a regular basis with results comparable at par with international standard.

Combination of FUT, FUE & BHT: Grade V, VI & VII always need combination of FUT + FUE . FUE + BHT or combination of ALL. We plan& execute your hair transplant in a manner best suited to your present & Future requirement.


5) Making  micro slits for implantation:

In scalp hair direction of each & every part is different as it is seen in following photo-

So to mimics natural hairs , it is imperative to make slits in the proper direction so that growing hairs grow in a natural proper direction & at a proper angle.

We at our center take due care to give you natural looking hairs which you can appreciate in following photos.

Capacity of HT surgeon to use MICRO-BLADES to make the micro-incisions of sizes varying between 0.8 to 1.2 mm should be verified, as they not only determine the aesthetic outcome of the surgery but also helps to perform “Dense Packing” (i.e., implanting more than 40 units per sq. cm) .

Achieving Higher Density in Hair Transplant By Multi Slit Knife invented by Dr. Pradip Atodaria, Surat, Gujarat,India

Dr. Atodaria has invented an instrument for achieving this type of good results& instrument is under patent. The instrument is Multi Slit Knife which can make 02 to 15 slits in a single stroke at the desired distance, depth & angle. One can easily achieve a very good density with this innovative instrument.

6) Preservation of Grafts:

After harvesting the grafts, they should be preserved in cold temperature so as to minimise the ischemic damage to grafts. We maintain the cold chain & we reduce the “out of body time” of graft to a lager extentto give best possiblethe survival& growth rate of the transplanted hairs. It is our speciality.

7) Implantation:

We always prefer to use minimal touch/handling technique to give best survival rate of the grafts.

We have our own indigenous techniques of doing hair transplant without shaving the scalp hairs



We do hair transplant with the help of the “Implanter Pen” which is also developed by Dr. Atodaria & is under “Patent”.


We at our center take care in each and every step of the procedure like giving a micro slits for implantation, adapting non touch technique method of implantation, maintain low temperatures and implanting at good speeds resulting in drastically increased survival rate of grafts when compared to the older methods

HT surgery is not a one-man show; it requires a big team of surgical assistants that is well adept at the graft dissection and implantation.

Majority of centers don’t keep their own technicians/staff & call roaming technicians.

Even many doctors don’t do anything & your hair transplant surgery is done by technicians only. So you need to confirm what will be done by the treating doctor & what will be done by technicians these before  you decide to go for procedure at that centre. We allow one of your friend/relative to remain present in operation theatre  to witness that your hair transplant is done according to the commitments given by us.

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